Thursday, May 19, 2011

Ulster / Derry / Tyrone Researcher

Robert Forrest offers excellent qualifications and service especially with databases he has compiled. He has many years experience in accessing PRONI.  His results for me, personally, were amazing!

He provides a quality service at reasonable prices.

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Robert Sturgeon said...

There is a family tradition that two Sturgeon brothers were in the Londonderry Siege. There were three brothers involved with the Jacobite wars. Samuel, William, and Thomas. They are supposed to have joined up with William of Orange at the Hague when William was amassing his troops for the invasion.
Then two were in the Londonderry siege. where one of them passed away.
I cannot prove any of this, but my Samuel Sturgeon, b.-1680 was the head of our family that first moved to America.
Can anyone help my research?