Sunday, August 29, 2010

Thirty-one Will Transcripts from Coleraine and District

Thirty-one Will Transcripts from Coleraine and District, 1634-1832 by Bob Forrest
In this volume, Mr. Forrest makes available the names of hundreds of Scots-Irish and their descendants who settled in the Lower Bann valley in and around the town of Coleraine in County Londonderry during the Ulster plantation. Coleraine was an important port during the Ulster plantation and many families that emigrated from Scotland in the seventeenth century entered into north Ulster through this important gate-way.

Mr. Forrest has trawled the vast archives of the Public Record Office of Northern Ireland [and the Registry of Deeds] to make available the wills of thirty-one testators who were residents of Coleraine town and district from 1634-1832. In Ireland, as in other countries, wills are one of the most fruitful sources of genealogical information. Wills are a particular rich source for the family historian as they provide detailed information about family relationships and are clear indicators of the economic and social status of the deceased.

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