Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Browne, Braun, Broun, Browning DNA Study

Although this DNA study is not totally Ulster based, there are many Browns originating from Ulster/Ireland. Here is a posting of interest copied from a mailing list............

The Brown DNA Study is a volunteer, non-profit activity whose aims are to  
encourage and support DNA analysis for genealogical research that traces the
"Brown" surname, including variant surnames like Browne, Braun, Broun, and

The project now has 605 sets of members' DNA results. Among these members,
406 men have matches that appear potentially useful for genealogy, while
199 others are still awaiting their first matches. Our 406 matched members
fall into 119 "relationship groups." So if you add the latter number to our
202 sets of non-matched results, you'll see that so far we've identified
some 341 biologically distinct Brown family lines. This total implies a huge
diversity of origins for our surname -- something that few may ever have

Please note that biological science can't yet use female DNA for reliable
tracing of the Brown surname. But women are very active in our project by
way sponsoring tests by their male relatives. So if you're female, please
consider supporting our research via a DNA test by one of your Brown-surnamed
brothers, fathers, sons, uncles, nephews or male cousins.

Finally, if you'd like info on costs and other details, please contact me
by direct email (off-list) at

Best regards,

Jim Brown (James Armistead Brown, Jr.)
Volunteer Project Administrator

Brown/Browne/Braun DNA Study or

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